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Live Records, 1977...
They were real big.
In fact "Frampton Comes Alive" was the biggest selling album of all time at that time. Bigger than the Beatles.
When I listen to Baby I Love Your Way I hear all the things that I love about 70's music- Fender Rhodes, major 7 chords, unironic mushy lyrics.

MP3: Baby I Love Your Way

A cooler record that I was very aware of but did not personally own a copy was Cheap Trick Live At Budakon. This was probably my introduction to the notion that there is a country called Japan. And they really liked Cheap Trick there. Obviously, Robin Zander really likes Fats Domino.

MP3: Ain't That A Shame

When I was about 10 my dad took my sister and me to a double bill of The Last Waltz and Rust Never Sleeps at the Dobie. That's about 6 grueling hours! But even though Neil came on second, I think both my sister and I liked Rust Never Sleeps a lot better. Maybe It was the Jawas as Stagehands.

MP3: Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)


Blogger Michael Arthur said...

Where's the Manilow? Bring it!

10:56 PM  
Blogger glycerin said...

Just for the record, I DID own a copy - a vinyl full length LP, ladies and gents, of Cheap Trick at Budakon.

They used to call them "records."

12:36 PM  

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