R.I.P Grant McLennan

Grant McLennan was one-half of The Go-Betweens, one of the most underrated bands of the last 30 years. He was the McCartney to Forster's Lennon, the poppier, friendlier but deceptively spiky one. He wrote some beautiful, beautiful songs.

I met him once outside the Cactus Cafe, where he was saying hello to Edwyn Collins, who was just about to play. I walked up to Edwyn, saw who was standing next to him -- two legends of indie pop music -- and my jaw dropped. I practically bowed as I shook their hands, and it was a treat to see them grin sheepishly at one another while I raved about them, two old friends.

Various folks have posted some of my favorite Grant McLennan songs in tribute, relieving me of the responsibility. Check out the "Bye Bye Pride" mp3 here -- gorgeous melody, gorgeous lyrics. "Bachelor Kisses" is another beautiful, almost innocent song, and I wouldn't mind if "The Wrong Road" were 5x longer: "like a lip lifted from a lip".

Finally there's "Quiet Heart", from my favorite GB's album, 16 Lovers Lane. It's one of the most beautiful and sincere love songs ever written, in my estimation. R.I.P Grant.


Anonymous Joel said...

I'm among friends here, so I'll admit that I'm really enjoying discovering the Go-Betweens here. I'd never heard of 'em.
Your Cactus story makes me wonder about a possible topic: Meeting your idols.

1:14 AM  

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