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This a very appropriate entry on my favorite MP3 blog, Tofuhut:

Back in junior high, on a school trip that ended with a swing by the local mall for lunch, I made one of my very first audio tape purchases, Metallica's Master of Puppets. The album was fast, mean-spirited and a drastic departure from what I generally listened to: the afro-pop, jazz and gospel my father normally played around the house. Metallica was an early attempt at listening to music that my parents had no interest in. My favorite track on the LP was 'Orion', a tightly-crafted, eight minute instrumental that alternated between languorous bluegrass-tinged rock and speed-metal marching music. Before long, I had dubbed that single track over and over to fill up both sides of a blank C-90 and would end my fourteen year old days by cuing 'Orion' up and falling asleep to it. I have no idea how many times I listened to the song, but I do remember that the tape eventually broke.

In any case, when I got around to re-listening to Master a few years ago, I was aghast at how little I enjoyed 'Orion'. The intricacy and mystery that I remembered was mostly gone; it sounded flimsier and less evocative than it ever had. We all have moments when we look back unkindly on the music we once loved; 'Orion' was a pretty sad one for me.


Blogger jEFF said...

Michael, I'm going to try to pull the comments over here.
The Doors are probably the most common example of this phenom.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Joel said...

uh...if "Touch Me" comes on when I'm, like, at a tire store or sumthin, I can suffer through it if I pretend it's Tom Jones. But that's about it. Does that count?

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Michael Arthur said...

Tom Jones doing a Doors cover album produced by Rick Rubin.

Then I'll listen.


12:23 AM  

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