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This song is never far from my consciousness.

MP3: Walking Through Walls

It is from Jon Brion's uncomparable Meaningless album. An album where he plays most of the instruments.
Check out these words co-penned by Grant Lee Phillips:

I'm standing up straight, I'm standing up tall
Better ease down I'm walking through walls

I'm standing up straight
I'm standing up tall
I've no time to waste
I'm walking through walls

Get out of my way - Mother f***er
Start moving you all - Mother f***er
I'm losing my brakes
I'm walking through walls - whoa whoa whoa whoa (repeat)

Nothing in this world is gonna hold me
No thugs in this road are gonna roll me
No fast talking girl is gonna slow me
Nothings gonna stop me at all
I'm walking through walls

Some people complain
Yeah they caterwaul
I could do the same
But I'm walking through walls - boom crash ripple crinkle everything you can think of

I'm shooting through space
Like a big fireball
I'm falling from grace
I'm walking through walls (repeat)

Nothig in this world is gonna hold me
I am fortified with wherewithal
I won't be denied
I'm walking through walls
I won't be confined
I'll knock down the stall
I'll kick like a mule
I'm walking through walls (repeat)

Ironic, or not? I'm not sure. I choose to take them at face value. If you have seen this man perform you know that he is very enthusiastic, very emphatic.
If you you have seen this man perform you know that he is an amzing piano player. He approaches the piano as a means to present his music, not as a way to play Floyd Cramer and Nicky Hopkins licks.
But, according to the credits, Benmont Tench is playing piano\rock on this song. You remember him from multiple 80's Tom Petty videos. How did those guys get their hair to do that?
Anyway it really doesn't matter because whoever it is is playing so great. It is as succulent as a barbecue rib, I say!! (And maybe a bit like Nicky Hopkins).
After the first 10 times you enjoy the piano playing on this track you will probably start freaking out on the bizarre background vocals.


Blogger black b said...

as i said to the husband just the other day, this is one of those songs that leaves me completely incapable of doing anything other than rocking out while it is on.

i challenge you to do otherwise. go ahead. try and fight the rock that is jb.

7:13 PM  

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