In the begining of Piano\Rock....

there was Little Richard.

MP3: Good Golly Miss Molly

I don't think it was his piano playing so much as his charismatic singing that made this such a powerful track.
It is certainly more Rockin' than most of the Top Ten of 1956:

1 MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS - Dean Martin ¤ 2 WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE - Doris Day 3 SIXTEEN TONS - Tennessee Ernie Ford ¤ 4 HOUND DOG - Elvis Presley 5 JUST WALKIN' IN THE RAIN - Johnnie Ray 6 DON'T BE CRUEL - Elvis Presley 7 HEARTBREAK HOTEL - Elvis Presley 8 ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ - Kay Starr ¤ 9 YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS - Mitch Miller 10 THE WAYWARD WIND - Gogi Grant

Baby Boomers were turning 10. I bet they were getting sick of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"

They wanted this instead:

Good golly Miss Molly, well you sure like to ball
You're rocking and you're rolling, won't you hear your mama call
From the early, early morning to the early, early night
Could see Miss Molly's rocking at the house of blue light


But what I really like best does, in fact, involve the piano playing. It is the rhythmic tension between the piano and the bass\drums. In the parlance of our times the groove is Hott!

Now Alex you can skip to The Beatles.


Blogger Danielle said...

I wonder who Gogi Grant is?

3:10 PM  
Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, I'm still amazed with how he got away with that stuff. Although James Ellroy has made it quite clear that there was a thoroughly seedy and dionysian culture coexisting with the Doris Day/Mitch Miller official culture.

Ah, repression. What would Ang Lee do without you ("all of Ang Lee's films are great but they're all about repression" jewel-like insight copyright Punk Rock Girl).

7:13 PM  

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