Mas Beat-les

This song is not my favorite, but is one that I, and I'm assuming many other young people, find to be memorable from a very early age. Along those lines, it is probably a pre-consciousness Piano\Rock template, perfectly pertinent for our 2-sided table discussion. Behold its melodic bassline, banging away. Paul sounds like he is at a circa 1961 biker bar, wooing the Hell's Angels with his conception of testosterone imbued intensity. Or something like that.

MP3: Lady Madonna


Anonymous Michael Arthur said...

I once heard Chet Atkins do a version of LM on Prairie Home Companion. He prefaced the performance by telling the audience that they had to be appreciative of the fact that Lady Madonna has two completely different melodies working at the same time--the bass line and the lyric/piano--and that, as a Certified Guitar Player, he would be playing both at once on his six-string. He felt that such an accomplishment was worthy of some extra applause--and it really was . . . I guess that was Chet's display of testosterone imbued intensity, Professor Haley.

9:15 AM  
Blogger glycerin said...

Reminds me of everytime some guitar player who went to music school is called upon to play Blackbird. They always claim that they are one of the only guitar players to play the progression correctly, that usually most guitar players simplify it.

Basically, it's another "look, I'm so good!" type deal.

p.s. who doesn't love that song?? simplified progression or not...

3:21 PM  

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