"the 50 albums that changed music"

I'm curious as to everyone's opinion of this article from the Guardian.


iPod War

iPod War. Now this is a game I can get behind.

It would be more fun in person, but perhaps it can be played over the Interweb too?


Groucho Sinatra: Bitter Nerd

He says he's a fan of Costello, but I don't think so.


Sufjan Sunday

I bought the new Sufjan Stevens record on itunes yesterday.
21 songs for $9.99

The thing that most impresses me about him today, and it changes all the time, is that he is so comfortable in his song writing sound, his harmonic palatte, if you will.
I admire artists (Charlie Haden, Paul Klee, Puccini, e.e. cummings) that are so comfortable in their own skin.

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld: Sufjan's seen the electric guitar, he's sticking with the oboe.

MP3: Adlai Stevenson


Poetry Friday

This is inspired by Ralph Fiennes' performance in Faith Healer. (read spot-on review, by Ben Brantley)

anyone lived in a pretty how town - e.e. cummings


This video is totally worthy of Audio!

Or Gly,
Or Rocks,
You know what I mean!


This blog explains it:



i almost forgot... life. chicks. hooks. life.

It is the 250th Anniversary of Mozart's Birth (I looked it up!). There is a lot to say about Mozart, but you can get some bad-ass opinions here if you like.
I would like to say the my conception of what Mozart's music is is very tied into my experinces watching the movie Amadeus. Furthermore,
My conception of what it means to both produce and consume art of all kinds has been seriously influenced by the film.

Independent of all of that stuff, Mozart's music is, of course, very important and good. Bekkah and I even feel that, as Jeff Buckley would say, there are a lot of hooks in Wolfie's music.
Here are six that we picked:

Symphony #40 - 1st Movement

Rondo alla Turca

Clarinet Concerto - Adagio

Queen Of The Night Aria

Voi Che Sapete - from Marriage Of Figaro

Romanza from the D minor Piano Concerto

A lot of that is in Amadeus, so maybe that has influenced my choices. But some tunes are more hummable than others!
I've left off the 'Little Night Musik' Dah.. Dah Dah.. Dah Dah Dah Dah Dahhhhh .....
Some hooks can just become unbearable!

There are some more free MP3's here:
Guardian Unlimited

For whatever reason, summertime is the season (annually I might add) for celebrating Mozart. So download some royalty-free music from a dead composer and celebrate the summer with some hooks.life.etc.


Egocentric B-Day Present For Sonnet

Happy Birthday Sonnet (who was born sometime after 1970)
Here are some of the artists, with MP3, that were born in 1970.
(I can't wait to see Alex's list-Pete Doherty?)

Rivers Quomo of Weezer -
Say It Ain't So

Neko Case -
Star Witness

QTip, Phife and Ali -
Mr. Incognito

Brad Mehldau -
Dear Prudence

Ani Difranco -
When Doves Cry

Maseo of De La Soul -
Bitties in The BK Lounge

Badly Drawn Boy - Epitaph

Warren G - My Momma

Damien Rice -
Cold Water

I have to admit that Durst guy was born in '70, so that is probably worse than Doherty.
We have Jennifer Connelly though!


Guest Post from Los Angeles Film Composer, Adam Cohen

Hey Everyone - just thought I would send a music update out...

If you're at all interested, the Ray Romano, Kevin James, Burt Reynolds movie I scored for New Line Pictures has finally been released - sadly New Line - for whatever their reasons - sat on it and did nothing with it for over a year and a half. Now it finally has made it to DVD... its actually pretty good...

and here is a link to Amazon.

Also - if anyone is interested - I am also scoring music to a new tv show on the USA network called "Psych" - its on fridays at 10 PM on the West Coast - check local listings, of course. Tts a goofy show about a smart slacker who pretends to be a psychic so he can help the cops solve crime.....


break beat

I had a very similar idea, to track a sample and show all it's uses.

These guys did it first, better and made this great video.



Zidane Head Bussin'

If Alex Won't Blog World Cup Then...


Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt
Originally uploaded by late night movie.
I'm trying out new stuff on this here Internet!

Mp3: Exactly Like You

In case you did not follow my subtle suggestions a few weeks ago!


Holy nut.

Flash-based automation on MP3 blog link aggregator

click the "listen" link and see what happens -- more
music than anyone should have time to listen to...

the Hype machine


Another good article from the Times Magazine:

"Well, for me, listening to music is akin to a religious experience; it's the closest thing to a religion I have." Katell Keineg


PS There are 3 downloadable clips also.
The Times is a MP3 blog now!