Pam MP3s

Here are my 2 favorites from Saturday's Pam show:

Where'd You Go Last Night?

Cherry Red

and for Michy

Moonbeam Ladies


Pam Miller Show In Austin!!!

Pamela Miller Plays the Blue Theatre for One Night Only.

Saturday, February 24th singer/song writer Pamela Miller returns to the Austin stage for a one night only set at the Blue Theater. Pamela will be backed by an Austin super-group, including Seela Misra, and Twang-Twang Shock-a-Boom (David Garza, Jeff Haley, and Chris Searles). Music starts at 11pm at the Blue Theater (916 Springdale Road). Tickets, available at the door, are $5 each.

Pamela Miller writes and sings songs that resonate – songs that evoke whiskey/understatement/intimacy/lullaby/Lisa Germano/cinema/standup bass/dissonance/warmth/Regina Spektor/velvet/echo/piano/regret/bravery/atmosphere/grace/intensity.

Billboard Magazine said, “Miller has an apparent gift for crafting sticky hooks and memorable melodies, while keeping the lyrics remarkably literate. The final key element is her vocal delivery, which soars from a subtle whisper to a glass-shattering caterwaul.”

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Moonbeam Ladies

All The Good Things

When The World Breaks

High In The Sky



For Amigo Jo

One of the great debates in Jazz is whether Ella Fitzgerald can bring the goods for The Blues.

MP3: Ella "How Long Blues"

at 2:09 is an ascending arppegio of striking power and architectural sublimity
(that sentence is my weak tribute to Whitney Balliett)

For Sir Alex of West Ham

hilarious essay on the face of the lead singer of The Shins:

blog: James Mercer's Face Irritates Me

For Gly

A cover of "My Love" by Justin Timberlake.

MP3: The Klaxons "My Love"

(2 other Justin covers at I Guess I'm Floating)


It's A Mystery