There's no need for depression....

I'm back, bitches, and I'm almost 31. Lots of potential things to post about -- the new McCartney album (this one's good, really!), piano-driven rock music (this *will* be the subject of some back and forth), but I have 10 minutes before punkrockgirl's chocolate chip birthday presents finish baking, so I'm going to post an unreleased Rilo Kiley song and talk -- briefly, because I can go on -- about how I love them.

It starts with Jenny Lewis. Yes, she's cute. Yes, when she wears the miniskirts with the socks pulled up to her knees, she's hot (that thumbnail is clickable, by the way...go on, you know you want to).

Yes, the Amelie, "who me?" faces she pulls during the video for The Frug which I've uploaded for you here in Quicktime format are somewhat (i.e disgustingly) charming. But let's try our hardest to put that to one side for just a moment, shall we?

Pull Me In Tighter is a song they've been doing on tour for a while, and it bodes very well for whatever they do next. It's got shades of late '60s soul thanks to that electric piano, one of their trademark super-catchy choruses, a charming (what else?) vocal from Jenny, lyrics that somehow tap directly into the 31-year old educated white person's private thoughts, a backwards guitar solo, and a song structure that makes the odd detour when you don't expect it. In other words, it's another great Rilo Kiley song. This was recorded at a session for London indie station XFM.

Rilo Kiley: Pull Me In Tighter


Anonymous Michael Arthur said...

Great. Just what i needed--another crush.

happy birthday . . .

1:12 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

Would it be churlish of me to mention to the birthday boy - probably not for the first time, either - that I hate the horribly mannered throat-catching thing she does when she sings, and it has put me off the entire band?

5:24 PM  

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