give the monkey less choice?

Was emailed an interesting Peter Gabriel interview about the new music software called the Filter and came upon this quote:

"...he was saying that everyone thinks that what the revolution in computers has provided us with is of freedom of choice. But maybe what people want often is freedom from choice. If you look at a lot of religions, all the spiritual seekers like a monk in a cell are removing choices from themselves voluntarily. What I would like to end up with is less angst from choice and too much research, but still being able to dig deep whenever I want."

After a little hesitation, I realized he's totally right. When you go from a passive TV-watching society to an active user-driven internet world, you kinda miss someone giving you the good stuff, um, like this blog.


Blogger Lulu said...

hooray for Gly-cer-in! da da da da da dada gly-cer-in!

6:51 PM  

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