Joel Loves A List! (just like me)

An open letter to Joel,
Obviously Alex and Glycerin don't like to make out, at least not with us.
But I know that you would love to make some lists, so let's start with Bass Playing.
What is your all time favorite Bass performance?
Basically my top 3 favorite bass players are McCartney, John Paul Jones and
Aston Barrett. All the other greats fall into lower ties for me. Those 3 really cover all the basses!!
If I had to pick one performance above all others it would be Jones on The Lemon Song from Zeppelin II.
Unfortunately, I only have that on LP and don't feel like hooking up a bunch of wires to transfer it to the www.
Here is another great song from the same time frame...

MP3: What Is And Should Never Be

Does anyone know why Plant and Page hate him now?


Anonymous Joel said...

Plant and Page hate J-Pizzle because of the keyboard work on Carouselambra. Your list of the top three is pretty durned tight, only missing Jimmy Smith's feets. Answer post to come after we screen Gray's Anatomy for your sister.

8:54 PM  

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