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During high school, my answer would have been U2's "Bad"; the Wide Awake in America version has just the right subtlety (i.e., none), just the right urgency and crescendo for a fumbling teenager. During college, though, I definitely would have answered Van Morrison's Moondance, side one, of course, for its ups-and-downs, from the slow build of "And It Stoned Me" to the whispered "Crazy Love" to the just effin' transcendent of "Into the Mystic".

As an adult, I will amend the challenge, with respect, from make-out music to straight-up panty-dropping music. On that tip, Jimmy Smith's sweet organ just can't be beat. Now, I tend to skip Jimmy Smith's more Sanford-and-Son-sounding stuff in favor of the Kenny Burrell accompanied after-dark action. Back to Mr. Smith, the brutha's going after it with his hands and his feet... a full body, doin'-it-to-you-in-your-earhole experience. Plus, look at the photo, people. He's making love RIGHT THERE. And, by the way, Jeff has a great Jimmy Smith story.

MP3: Memories of You - Jimmy Smith


Anonymous michy said...

Jimmy Smith. Wooo lordy! I second that emotion!

7:40 PM  
Blogger jEFF said...

That whole record is amazing!
I got it from the now deceased Jazz Pour Tous.

10:51 PM  

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