Does This Ever Happen To You?

I frequently think I am listening to Walter Salas-Humara.
Even when I'm not really.
It just happened again as I listened to that Lil' Captain Travis song. His voice is the ultimate everyman's voice. I'm sure you here it 7 times a day on KGSR, even if it is not "technically" Walter's voice.
For those of you who don't know, our good friend K-Rock plays drums with The Silos. At one point that would have been a little like taking the drum throne in Spinal Tap. But, Konrad has been singing, writing, and playing for over five years now! Great band. More Austin than most Austin bands. And obviously there was some sort of South Korean cloning thing going on with the singer of Lil' Captain Travis.

MP3: When The Phone Rings

I loved that Grand Champeen song. The guitar playing reminded me of Whit.
Of, course, another Konrad connection.
Maybe Glycerin could post something recorded in Austin with both Konrad and me on it?


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