So the Holidays really took it out of us...

This is subject that is sure to get my co-bloggers excited.
What are some of your favorite Austin bands?
I am very high on ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead.
Probably the biggest reson, other than than their talent, is that they don't sound like an "Austin Band". They sound like a band that loved the same music I did when I was growing up. There are little hints of prog rock and British 80's music creeping in. But, like the best bands, they never take it so far as to be out right stealing, or tribute, or mocking. And they are on the same label with The Arcade Fire.

MP3: Clair De Lune


Just like a heavy drinker....

You can't start posting about Jon Brion and then just change the subject...

My most favorite Jon Brion song is Hook Line & Sinker. Not sure when I first heard that song, but iTunes says I added it to my library on 9-14-04. I do remember that Jeff introduced me to what would become my future love affair with the music of Jon Brion. And, he plays here in L.A. every week and I still haven't been to see him. At least I have the excuse of being seriously preoccupied with a major job search.

I've transcribed this song, and for some reason it's not that easy for me to play. Maybe it's the X with X in the bass (x/x) tonal center head turner (think of a dog turning it's head to one side like he's thinking), or maybe it's been too long since I actually figured out the chords to anything. I had to change the key a few times to get it into my appropriate girl-key so I can't remember what key it's originally in. It's nearly 4 a.m. in Los Angeles, which means New Yorkers are already in the shower. If it wasn't so freakin' late/early, I would saunter over to the piano and figure it out again.

I can say, though, that I wish I had written this song.

It should be boredom by now
I know the tricks of the trade
But it goes on anyhow
Sometimes the answers are ready made

And I go for it every time
Just like a heavy drinker
I go for it every time
Hook, line and sinker

He descends alone (?)
(Alternate Version: He descends on the room)
Holier than thou and sillier
He's gonna knock on her cocoon
And it's gonna sound familiar

And she'll go for it every time
Putting herself in peril
She'll go for it every time
Lock, stock and barrel

And I'm feeling for all of the world
Like I'm feeling for all the world

So go and reel me in
If I am tugging the line
A hook is under my skin
Because your lure is well designed

And I go for it every time
Just like a heavy drinker
I go for it every time
Hook, line and sinker


Shout It On Out!!

For Roxanne and Alex...

MP3: The Magic Number,/strike>


More Piano!

This song is never far from my consciousness.

MP3: Walking Through Walls

It is from Jon Brion's uncomparable Meaningless album. An album where he plays most of the instruments.
Check out these words co-penned by Grant Lee Phillips:

I'm standing up straight, I'm standing up tall
Better ease down I'm walking through walls

I'm standing up straight
I'm standing up tall
I've no time to waste
I'm walking through walls

Get out of my way - Mother f***er
Start moving you all - Mother f***er
I'm losing my brakes
I'm walking through walls - whoa whoa whoa whoa (repeat)

Nothing in this world is gonna hold me
No thugs in this road are gonna roll me
No fast talking girl is gonna slow me
Nothings gonna stop me at all
I'm walking through walls

Some people complain
Yeah they caterwaul
I could do the same
But I'm walking through walls - boom crash ripple crinkle everything you can think of

I'm shooting through space
Like a big fireball
I'm falling from grace
I'm walking through walls (repeat)

Nothig in this world is gonna hold me
I am fortified with wherewithal
I won't be denied
I'm walking through walls
I won't be confined
I'll knock down the stall
I'll kick like a mule
I'm walking through walls (repeat)

Ironic, or not? I'm not sure. I choose to take them at face value. If you have seen this man perform you know that he is very enthusiastic, very emphatic.
If you you have seen this man perform you know that he is an amzing piano player. He approaches the piano as a means to present his music, not as a way to play Floyd Cramer and Nicky Hopkins licks.
But, according to the credits, Benmont Tench is playing piano\rock on this song. You remember him from multiple 80's Tom Petty videos. How did those guys get their hair to do that?
Anyway it really doesn't matter because whoever it is is playing so great. It is as succulent as a barbecue rib, I say!! (And maybe a bit like Nicky Hopkins).
After the first 10 times you enjoy the piano playing on this track you will probably start freaking out on the bizarre background vocals.


Chris Whitley

Not to get terribly heavy, but in light of last weeks terrible news that Chris Whitley has passed away, I felt I should share a little something.

I have always loved his songwriting and singing. I got to see him live once playing solo (I think it was the Knitting Factory in New York) and I remember him stomping on a little wooden box that was miked and tricked out a little, effects-wise. A great sound came out of that thing, and was a perfect percussion accompanyment to the gorgeous doings on his guitar.

Power Down

My ex-boyfriend, Eric, always said "We better power down," meaning shut off all the lights, etc., before you leave your apartment to go out for the evening. I always said something like "could it be time?" referencing the lyrics, or just stated singing the song, and of course he didn't know it.

So here it is for your listening pleasure. Listen to how wonderfully the extra 2 counts before the chorus really kick it up a notch. And please turn it up.