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Well Glyc, I'm checking out Radio KIFF,

The first question I have is "What kind of politician was he?"

Cause I'm thinking it was the politics of dancing!

First of all, every artist should have his own radio station. This is cool. Do you think the edits are randomly selected? Or is it part of some master plan to get us to go immediately to itunes and buy his record? I want to know the machinations that spin the music industry go-round!
I think he probably loves the same Doobie Brothers records that we do. He knows that hair product is important. He likes a snare that really "POPS". Every song must have a bridge. Jamie Cullum makes a shit load of money. Is it just 'cause he's English? Can a Bay Area Politician get some of that love?
Can HE?!

Go see him and do some live blogging for us, PLEASE!!

As for Alex, let's keep up the Radiohead covers:

MP4: Exit Music (For A Film) Brad Mehldau


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