What's New?

I'll tell what... 50 versions of Body and Soul courtesy of punio.blogspot.
Got me thinking, what do I have?
10 versions of What's New? That's what!
Remember when that record dropped in 1983? Linda Ronstadt!
Well, it actually dropped in 1939, and was written by a bass player: Bob Haggart

So I give you: 10 What's New-es-es MP3s

And some more Evan Eisenberg:

Only at home is it generally possible to listen to classical music through an uplifting fog of liquor, cannabis, cocaine or what have you. While such an atmnosphere might not fit the strict contours of Bach or Hindemith it might do very well by Berlioz or Wagner, recalling the opiated air they themselves breathed.
The situations of the jazz listener is just the reverse. In bars and nightclubs and dance halls teetotalling is deviant behaviour, so live jazz has usually been heard through the filter of liquor or dope. But the phonograph and radio allowed us to listen to jazz analytically and in this way (among others) convinced us that jazz was not just entertainment, but music.


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