Does, "Ooeeeeeewwww!" count as a melodic leap?

Just Kidding, my friend. I know that Dylan brought you and Sonnet together, but it will not, cannot do the same for us. I respect him, but do not need him. Many of my favorite artists are hugely indebted to him, or at least they say they are. His voice is too rough for me. And he never seems to shut up.

When I was growing up on AOR stations “Tangled Up In Blue” came on all the time. This song has a little something extra that I appreciate. It is probably the proto-rap delivery of the lyrics. What ever those lyrics are is anybody’s guess. I never even understand the title, it was lost on me except for some of the sexy bits.

Dylan puts me in the mood for a songwriter I really like (and your sly invoking of Jay Bennet). Which song of his do you think sounds the most like Dylan?

MP3: “Tangled Up In Blue


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